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Top 10 Threads from October


Staff member
BTW, if you want to share any of these threads with your friends, you can always add ?r=YOURID to the end of the URL to generate your referral link.

For example, my referral link for the top post (which anyone can view so it's a good one to send people to) is: https://afflift.com/f/threads/megapush-peerfly-bemob-profit-so-far.689/?r=1

If someone goes to it and registers for affLIFT, they would count as my referral. You can find YOURID on the referrals page :)


New member
Your threads from October are pretty cool. Thank you so much, Luke.

You know since I joined AffLift, I learnt a lots even though I didn't test Tonic or others traffic sources yet but I understood all tutorials that you showed. I tested with PopAds was failed. BUT I don't think I will fail again testing campaigns with Tonic or others...

Can't wait to test my campaigns with those traffic sources. When I add money into my traffic sources account, I will use your promo code cuz I signed up under your link every traffic source program. Are those promo codes in "Forums", Luke?

Luke, could you recommend me what are the best offers to promote with PPV that convert well conversions? I don't know what offers are people interesting in.

I do hope that I can make good money with PeerFly. I love PeerFly so much. PeerFly is the only one CPA Company that I would like to provide the high quality traffic and high quality leads for.

Faithfully Luke, you're really awesome CEO of PeerFly who trains the publishers of how to drive traffic in order to understand of the ways making money online with CPA. In my heart, you're the best.

Luke, Keep up your works to create the other tutorials for every publishers like me and others...

Thanks for everything that you do for me and every publisher.


Staff member
Are those promo codes in "Forums", Luke?

Luke, could you recommend me what are the best offers to promote with PPV that convert well conversions?
Take a look at the top 25 converting PPV offers on PeerFly.

ou're really awesome CEO of PeerFly
I'm actually not the CEO of PeerFly. I'm the Director of Marketing, but I appreciate your kind words :)