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Formerly called DNTX, TONIC ad network is a well-known traffic source in the affiliate world. Whether you are an affiliate, an agency, a network or a brand, you can use Tonic to promote your offers.

This traffic provider offers Zero-click traffic, with more than two billion unique users per month.

They utilize a self-service platform that is easy to understand and navigate.

TONIC Traffic Types

This platform offers two types of traffic, and these are:

Domain traffic Marketplace
There are millions of parked domains in the World Wide Web, many of whom receive traffic because of misspellings or because they have been used previously for websites. As such, parking domain companies and some domain registrars sell this traffic with the help of the real-time bidding services. TONIC then sells this traffic to advertisers. When someone visits the parked domain, they are automatically redirected to advertiser’s offers, with no need to click on any link or any part of the page. This is why it is also called Zero-click ads. The payment model is CPV.

Pop Traffic
Pop ads are a popular ad type that has brought millions of dollars in revenue to affiliates in the past years. Pop ads open up a full page ad behind the browser the viewer is currently using. So when the user closes the current browser, he will be able to see the ad behind it. Users who are shown this traffic are those who have downloaded some apps, games, files, music or video online and have agreed to receive ads in return for their downloaded materials. Pop ads are also called PPV or pay per view.


TONIC Features

High Volume at Low Cost
PPR (pay per redirect) and PPV (pay per view) are both high volume traffic sources that are really cheap. Some views can go as cheap as $0.001.

Multiple Targeting Options
Unlike other traffic sources, you can further narrow down your audiences by targeting them based on keywords and categories. When you use keyword targeting, your ads will show up on websites that contain the keywords in the URL. TONIC’s advanced system also categorizes websites and domain names, so if you choose a category, your ad will show up on related websites to ensure viewer interest.

Of course you can also target based on device, browser, country and more.

Run of Network (RON) Traffic
If you want high volume and still have no idea how to target your audiences, you can always go for the Run of Network Traffic. You can simply narrow down by device and country. Once you find which source IDs are converting for you, you can whitelist them. You can also blacklist sources that are just burning your budget.

TONIC Top Verticals

The most popular verticals for TONIC are as follows:
  • Mobile apps
  • Sweepstakes
  • Credit Card Submits
  • Adult & Dating
  • Games
  • Skin Care

TONIC Funding

TONIC accepts funds from two payment modes: PayPal and Wire Transfer. The minimum deposit is $100 for PayPal and $1,000 for Wire Transfer.

TONIC Tracking Tokens

With TONIC traffic, you can track multiple unique tokens/macros to make it easier to optimize your campaign. You can also track the cost of the traffic using [bid]. Here is a complete list of TONIC tracking tokens:

Tracking TokenToken Description
[sourceid]Domain source tracking – if you want to track the domains where the traffic is coming from.
[cpc]Cost of the visit (how much you pay for a click)
[clickid]Unique redirect identifier, which is mandatory for our conversion tracking and can also be used for debugging/log files
[campaign_id]ID of the respective campaign
[match]Keyword tracking – if you want to see which keyword triggered the click to your page
[carrier]Mobile Carrier of the visitor.
[country]Country code to your URL
[os]Operating system
[mob_pf]Mobile platform the click came from

🚀 TONIC is a part of our community! Check out their official thread and message them (@TONIC.) if you have any questions!

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Good quality in their redirect traffic. Hard to get approved for new members so I leave 4 stars but for us which have been with them since DNTX times, it's fairly decent.

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