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Follow Along Journey to 500 USD Daily Profit /w Free SEO Traffic

BeMob + affLIFT


Super Contributor
May 8, 2018
Hello Guys!

Over the last few years i've been working as a full time affiliate marketer doing mostly SEO.
It's nice to see that AffLIFT community seems to grow every day and i'd love to contribute to the affiliate knowledged gathered on this internet corner.

Hope you enjoy it!

What are you going to find on this journey?

I'll share what I did to reach this point on this project and how i'm going to achieve my desired income.
Hope this thread encourage others to start their own journey too.

Traffic Method: Search Engine Optimization
Monetization: CPA Offers (Payout $50-60)
GEO (Spanish): MX, CO, AR, CL, UY, PA, SV, PE (And other LATAM countries)
Niche: Health
Wanted Income: 500 USD per day
Current income (August): 63 USD per day on average (At 23/08/2018)



A Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Offer is pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition - for example a sale.
Feel free to check it out yourself, usually offers on health/beauty/diet pay $50 on average.

How do I promote those offers?

I'm getting free organic visitors from google to landing pages with a product review.

Ley say you want to promote this CPA offer
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