Follow Along Survey Pops Intermediate Guide - Zero to Hero (MKII)

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Day Twenty Four Results
I launched a new campaign yesterday to try my luck but think it may have run out, will keep at it for a bit just to be double sure but if it keeps up like it did then its a goner. I basically paused the non performing v4 and tweaked it then ran it as v7 which you can see in the stats below.

It's so not nice to see so much red

Yesterdays Stats from Binom

Yesterdays Stats from ProperllerAds

Well the good news is that with the traffic being down so is the click loss:p

I'm going to leave the landers and offers off for a bit as they serve no real purpose now the campaigns have been running for so long. I'll be checking in on my new campaign tomorrow and maybe launching a few new ones as I seem to be having more and more ideas atm.

WOW its Sunday already, man time flies when the kids are around!

This will be another multiday update as I've missed a few by the looks of it, also looks like the campaign are all running out of steam now as traffic and earnings are disappearing fast

Stats from Binom


Stats from PropellerAds


As you can see from the report below profits have dropped significantly, I did have a few traffic warnings over the last few days so maybe they pick back up if now those have gone?

It was a fun ride while it lasted and maybe there is more to come but I'm starting work on something new so will not be focused on this as much from now on. I may try the old dup technique early next week see if that picks them back up or just wait out the end of the contest see if that helps lol

But all in all I think this FA was a winner, I hope it inspired, helped or even entertained some of you, there will be a few more updates before I end but not everyday from now on.

Well done @agentf Your campaign has been a clear winner from the start!πŸ‘πŸ€‘

Thanks for sharing all your updates, they have helped and motivated me to believe that it is possible! Now I have finally made it!

Looking forward to your next posts! ;)
Well done @agentf Your campaign has been a clear winner from the start!πŸ‘πŸ€‘

Thanks for sharing all your updates, they have helped and motivated me to believe that it is possible! Now I have finally made it!

Looking forward to your next posts! ;)
I'm glad you found it helpful and that you have finally made it, keep that momentum going

Ok not updated for a while as been busy playing with my tracker and flows trying to maximise my efforts and profits :p

I have launched a couple new campaigns and paused some old ones in my never ending quest for more of that lovely moolah

Here's my stats for the past 7 days

I never noticed until i took these screen grabs how poorly the v7 campaign was over the past 7 days, however, it look like its picked up a bit last few days so will leave that going.

Definitely down on profit and obviously ROI but still earning so keeping them going, also my AM's have asked me to target certain zone id's and segments so we'll see how that pan's out but not too impressed with results so far!

So the contest is over and there were many winners which is great to see, so glad so many of you decided to take action on this and get stuck in. I hope you all learn loads and will continue to create campaigns, test and learn.

I thought I post a quick wrap up screener of my campaigns, the winners and the losers, yes I did have some losers too it wasn't all champagne and roses :p

So here you go my stats from PropellerAds from the start to the end of the contest, if I was to be totally honest if I never started the follow along to begin with they'd probably be a lot higher but hey it's not all about me, we're a community and it's good to give back when you can ❀️

Also, I was collecting push subs as well which although I didn't include in my stats was money coming in but effectively 'free money' as I was targeting the offer in the first instance

PLUS, yes there is more :p
I ran a back button campaign so that was generating income too, although due to the reporting there I couldn't get the whole date range so this is actually at least $15 down on what I earned through the same period

So my final totals are as follows

Well I think that is pretty damn good, also considering I told the world just as I started so gave myself a massive boost in competition! LOL

But for anyone reading this FA I hope you now see the importance of adding push subs and back button to your campaigns, that alone netted me almost a EXTRA grand!

So if you're not get signed up for ProPush ASAP here for your push subs as they are just amazing, also they pay twice a month which is great too.

Also, make sure you sign yourself up to Monetizer too here, you can collect push subs there too but its great to chuck traffic that doesn't fit your requirements at.

I really hope that you found this FA useful, I tried to be as transparent as possible without killing my own campaigns dead, I will also post one of my landers that I used for this campaign soon, maybe some of you could use it for inspiration or something?

Well this is my last post on the status of my campaigns but I will answer any questions to the best of my ability should anyone have any?

The propush revenue would be reason enough to run things at breakeven, wouldn't be surprised if people do.

I just started transitioning over to propush and damn the CPMs are way better than Monetizer (0.05cpm vs 0.30cpm) for 1 geo.
The best part is you'll be making a nice chunk of money from ProPush long after these campaigns completely die πŸ‘

Happy to see this campaign was such a big success and lead to so many other successful campaigns. No all heroes wear capes, but I'll pay $10 via PayPal to the first person that photoshops @agentf in a superhero costume wearing a cape:

Bonus points if the affLIFT logo is somewhere on his suit and he's throwing money at us.
Lol...I just see this guide and realize you targeted the same offer (2025) I was.
But I'm using push and no tracker.

Zeydoo said this offer performs better without tracker?