Follow Along Survey POPs Follow Along: Can We Hit $30/Day in Profits?



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Nov 8, 2019
I've been meaning to test these survey offers for quite a while now because it seems like everyone and their moms are having success with these offers, and Luke's new contest gave me that final push to start this journey. I've never run anything from Zeydoo, nor do I know much about running these offers. But from what I've read so far, it seems like I'll have to use landing pages and select the right geos to get profitable as the payouts seem to be very low for these offers.

So earlier today I decided to start with the Betting offer, selected a few geos that are cheap on Propeller and created a multi geo campaign at a CPA Bid of payout * 0.6. But I fucked up the settings and the postback was not working for the first $6-$7 spent. I fixed it and ran traffic again. Here are the initial results.



Binom (Tracker)


Zeydoo (Affiliate Network)

Totals So Far:

Cost: $20.084
Revenue: $4.224
P/L: -$15.86

I haven't yet found any winning segment yet, moreover, the clickloss seems to
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