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Step 4 - Setup PopAds in BeMob



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Apr 17, 2018
Setup PopAds in BeMob

There are 3 things we will need to setup in BeMob before we create our campaign:
  1. Traffic source
  2. Affiliate network
  3. Offer
Setting all 3 of these up is pretty easy and I am going to walk you through the process. We will start with the Traffic source (PopAds).

Login to your BeMob account and click on Traffic sources in the menu at the top:


BeMob has tons of different Traffic Source Templates that essentially pre-fill the form in the setup process to make things even easier for you and I. PopAds is one of the traffic sources that has a template so this setup is very simple.

Click on New from template:


And then search for PopAds. Click on PopAds and the create traffic source form will open with everything we need filled in.


There is 1 thing we will change about this later, but for now, this is fine and ready to go! Click Save and BeMob will add PopAds to your tracker.

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