Guide Spy on Others Like professionals, Part 2 (Anstrex ) Spy on Push



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Apr 9, 2019
How to spy on Other affiliates like A professional?
In part 1
i have discussed how to spy with Adplexity Mobiles..specially with monetizer, and with one update related to Advertizer
We can do the same with anstrex . just with some modifications,
but the steps is the same" i will explain it in details later in this guide"

in this guide , it will be more detailed and not specifically for one network , it will be around anstrex and how you can use it professionally to get the most out of it
Let's Start

1- General settings and knowledge about Anstrex

At first you should make some adjustment to the page view of Anstrex .

Pagination Vs infinite scroll. I prefer pagination as I need to determine the exact number of campaigns while searching..



so we have more than 50000 Pages to look through ... I love that

Exploring different options on Anstrex.

when you look at the top of Anstrex you will find the main sorting tabs .

you can sort it by

1-type ( Classic push- inpagepush –new-)

2-Ad networks. ( contain
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