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Guide Spy on Others Like professionals, Part 1 (Adplexity Mobile) Spy on PPV

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Apr 9, 2019
How to spy on Other affiliate like A professional?
For PPV, the only spytool is Adplexity Mobile/desktop , that can help you much to know a lot about the most running campaigns, and what's running behind the scene .

at first you will need at least 2 tools. Adplexity mobile or desktop

Redirect path extension.

With these 2 tools i was able to gather a lot of information that help any affiliate want to run PPV campaigns.. (Not me) as i don't run pops any more :)

With these 2 tools i was able to collect a big list of Campaigns, "that should worth at least testing .. "

With the step by step guide , i was able too identify most of Top monetizer Leader board campaigns. (both Push leader board, & main Leader board)

Also will help you to know and compete with Affiliates run on both monetizer/Advertizer. as you can get at least some data of how they are running campaigns .

Let's start .
when running Adplexity mobile. don't sort any thing. leave any classifications for now. we mostly depend on Unknown/None Options , as adplexity algorithms didn't identify


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