Follow Along RevContent RON Mobile CB VSL: Can I Save This Campaign?



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Aug 24, 2018
Hi All,

First of all, thank you for allowing me to share my first Native experience. I have been thinking of killing this campaign many times, but I still resist to give up and lose all data (good or bad) I bought for $14,000 :), plus 6k in coaching by a multiple CB platinum award winner. After reading comments by @Varun, @DEADZ, and the rest of you, I am learning about what I did wrong, so I'm excited to share this journey with you all. The problem is that I have now less money than when I started on Feb-2023. But I'm persistent. Let's go through the basics first:

Offer: Alpilean - ClickBank
Avg $/conversion: 140
Traffic platform: RevContent
Tracking: Voluum (linked to RevContent)

High-level stats:


Let's give a little bit of context to these results.

Late Dec-2022 I started with my coach. Everything is my fault, very probably. Results are there and I didn't get my first platinum award yet. He taught me the basics of native ads allowed by RevContent. I made my own pictures, went through the VSL and watched it several times. We also went through the process of creating
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