Case Study Propeller Ads + Mobidea (Push Notification CPM & CPC)


New member
Hello super affiliates I need your help suggestions critics or whatever. :) So I am really new in Push Notification campaign. I tried to run an offer in Mobidea using Push Notification in Propeller Ads. 🎯 Traffic Source: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]PropellerAds[/COLOR] Tracking Tool: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Bemob[/COLOR] Affiliate Network: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Mobidea[/COLOR] ✅ Landing Pages: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Clickfunnel[/COLOR] Type of Offer: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Sweepstakes[/COLOR] GEO: [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]Australia[/COLOR] Payout : [COLOR=rgb(97 189 109)]$1.72[/COLOR]...
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