Follow Along Profit on Traffic Nomads with CPA Priced Campaigns



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Apr 17, 2018
Last week, Traffic Nomads announced they had added CPA priced campaigns (CPA bidding) to their platform for pops. This is one of my favorite models to use since it basically ensures a profitable campaign with a lot less work if you have a good offer.

So, I started testing these campaigns last week and my results have been pretty good:


I've profited about $32 with a 45% ROI. Nothing crazy, but I've only just started testing this and I like the direction it's going.

Basically, with their CPA model, you create your campaign similar to how you would a CPA Goal campaign with PropellerAds. The difference is that you are only charged for conversions on a successful campaign. You set your test budget and let the Traffic Nomads system run the campaign. Once you have a proven campaign, you get your test budget back and you're only charged for conversions.

What you are looking for is good converting offers. How do you find them? Test! I am not sure if I've just gotten lucky or if the traffic is great, but I've setup 5 campaigns in 5 GEOs (all carrier billing offers) and they have
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