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Follow Along #PA10K - Mixed Bag of Offers

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Grand Guru
Apr 27, 2020
🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller Ads
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool: Binom
βœ… Affiliate Network: Various (Zeydoo, Mobipium, Golden Goose)
πŸ‘ Type of Offer: Various (surveys, pin subs, VPN)
πŸ’° Offer Payout: $0.01 - $10.00
πŸ† I believe this campaign will be successful because: I will throw enough sh*t at the wall that something will stick 🀣

This contest is too big to not be a part of. Thanks for putting it on @Luke !

I have no real plan here, I am just going to be testing a bunch of offers and then I will try to scale anything that works. My usual strategy.

I threw together my first campaign last night (CPAG Pops to survey offer). I am using a simple lander with Propush and backfix. Here's what it looks like after 9 hours:


Campaign: -$1.97 (it's actually more like -$1.70 because I set my traffic loss a little too high in Binom)
Propush: $0.33
Backfix: $0.08

Not a bad start and this one should get profitable once the CPAG does its magic. I will leave this one running and set up some more campaigns later


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