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Follow Along #PA10k Can I make some green in the last days of contest?

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Super Contributor
Nov 1, 2021
🎯 Traffic Source: Propeller Ads Push (maybe pop later)
🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob
✅ Affiliate Network: LosPollos, Monetizer
👍 Type of Offer: Smartlink (different)
💰 Offer Payout: varies because of Smartlink

I take a little break from running casino traffic and I thought i test some new in the meantime (normally I say to myself: stay focused with one thing at one time but okay? It is fun to test some other) I tested Lospollos Smartlink in the last Zeropark contest and one Tier1 country looked promising. I will test now push traffic with the same smartlink.

I would do this follow along also when there is no contest. So I do not worry about the little timeframe remaining :)

Why Tier1 again? I am a bit impatient with the low payouts of Tier3 countries. Maybe this is not the best idea to go into Tier1 but I will see. If Lospollos looks weird after after some spendings i will go on to monetizer (maybe smartlink but maybe better direct offers).

I open CPAgoal campaign with just 50% (don´t know if this a good idea :)) of the payout. I copied the campaign allready cause I included Wifi first, but Wifi gave me extremely bad results so i cut it out. I
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