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At a time when affiliate networks are shutting down left and right, a few notable CPA networks have risen from the ashes. One of them is Los Pollos.

Established in 2017, Los Pollos is quickly gaining ground. One thing that sets it apart from other networks is that you won’t have a ton of offers to choose from; they utilize Smartlinks instead.

LosPollos CPA Network: Should You Give It a Try or Will You Chicken Out?

Before we dive deeper into how you can make money with Los Pollos CPA Network, let’s talk about joining first.


Sign-up is pretty much similar to other networks, requiring only contact information and brief information about the type of traffic you are bringing in. A member of the support team will get in touch with you for follow-up questions about your affiliate marketing experience.

Once the support team determines that you are a right fit for the network, they will approve your account within 24 hours. The key here, as always, is to be as honest as you can with your experience and where you’ll be getting your traffic from.

One Smartlink for Everything

The most curious thing about Los Pollos is that instead of offering a multitude of offers for you to choose from, they provide one Smartlink for you to run. Whether it’s crypto, dating, gambling, or any other vertical, you can use just one link. It won’t be necessary to search through thousands of offers. El Traficante, their traffic optimization algorithm, will do all the work.

This system can be both advantageous and disadvantageous for an affiliate.

Advantage of Using a Smartlink
If you don’t know what offer to promote, using a Smartlink would be hugely advantageous. This eliminates the need to split-test which offer works best for your ad creative and traffic. Los Pollos automatically directs the user to the best offer based on geo, carrier, device, and other metrics. In essence, your ad is optimized to be sent to the best offer for you with minimum effort.

If you have remnant traffic, LosPollos’ Smartlink is perfect for you. They guarantee that no click is lost, so you would still be able to earn from the traffic you would otherwise consider as waste.

Disadvantage of Using a Smartlink
Even if you have found the offer that works best for your traffic and ad combinations, you won’t be able to single it out in order to scale. If you find one offer working great for a specific country and would like to try it out in a different one, you can’t. The Smartlink chooses the offer for you; you have no choice whatsoever.

The practice of using a Smartlink is, however, great for business, on the side of the affiliate network and brand partners. Why? Because they can be assured of the quality of the leads. After all, it is their own algorithm being used to optimize the traffic. This means the network might last longer than the rest (fingers crossed).

Getting Paid by LosPollos

One of the best features of LosPollos is its weekly payout. For a minimum of $100 earnings the previous week, you can get paid this Tuesday via Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, and more. If you want to be paid by wire, you need a minimum of $1,000 earnings.

If you don’t mind placing your traffic and earnings in the hands of your affiliate network, then LosPollos CPA network is a good choice for you. Even if you are suspicious of the network, you should still try it out to see if Smartlinks are the future of affiliate marketing. If you’re lucky, you might end up earning without lifting so much as a finger.

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Applying what Luke taught, I started with the chickens, I already have some noversions, I'm learning to optimize, I hope to win soon, thanks for accepting me

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