newbie introduction



Mar 8, 2022
Hello my name is Vince but you can call me Babbo

English is not my mother tongue so sorry in advance spelling mistakes. I'm a complete newbie in Affiliate Marketing but i'm highly motivated to make good money with this online business.

I'm here to invest some money that I save up during these past few years. I tried different type of job in my life but I hated almost all of them.. So I believe that i don't really have choice , I have to make this business model works out.

  • I'm just an "average" person
  • I've never really been a good student
  • And I never made money online
  • But I'm really motivated

I'm hesitating between nativ ads and push ads. I've already watched some videos on youtube about those traffic source

and i've noticed that :

  • Nativ ads seems to be more stable and making more money. But it seems that it require more money to start off and lunching some good campaigns.
  • On the other hand Push ads ( with sweepstakes) seems a bit easier for newbies but seems also more unstable to make profits from. ( the campaign has a short duration +
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