Modifying Voluum Postback for PropellerAds CPA Goal Campaigns


Staff member
Alright, so I decided to try something today. I took a campaign that is performing well on Advertizer CPA (thanks for the guide and motivation, @jimmyvanilla) and decided to setup it as a CPA Goal on PropellerAds.

For some reason, I never thought to update my Voluum postback to make it so the full conversion value isn't being sent to PropellerAds. It was actually very easy to do with Voluum:


Copy your default postback (will need to edit your Traffic Source to find this) and then paste it as a unique postback for the campaign. Change the payout variable ${PAYOUT} to the payout you want PropellerAds to think you are getting.

For example, this offer pays $0.20. Instead of passing $0.20 and letting PropellerAds optimize knowing that, I pass them $0.15.

I setup 2 campaigns to test this out:

Main campaign:
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