Follow Along Let's Flip Pop Traffic (Goal Of $25 A Day!)

Traffic Company


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Nov 3, 2022
Traffic Source: PropellerAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: Skro
✅ Affiliate Network: Mobidea and maybe zeydoo
👍 Type of Offer: mobile content + smart surveys
💰 Offer Payout: < $0.03-0.45
⭐ Geos: tier2 and tier3
🎯 Goal: Make $25 a day
🏆 I believe this Challenge will be successful because: I'm not going to give up, because failure is just an expensive learning lesson :ROFLMAO:

Some Background Info About Me:

I tried a lot of money making ideas for the last few years, Day Trading, Amazon Fba, and AdSense Arbitrage. All of them failed for 2 simple reasons, I didn't have the right kind of capital, and I wasn't motivated/disciplined at the time. In the past 2 years I've tried SEO and I've seen some minor sucesss with that but I also decided to move away from SEO for now because I didn't like how google held all the control.

With that being said, I will try to update as much as I can :cool:

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