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Just when we think the market for trackers is already full, then came Skro.

Established this 2021 with headquarters in Estonia, Skro is a cloud-hosted ad tracking solution made specifically for media buyers and affiliates.


Skro Features and Benefits​

While the tracker is still in its early stages of development, there are several noteworthy features that will make you want to check it out.

Pre-filled Templates​

Setting up your affiliate networks and traffic sources can be a confusing endeavor, particularly if you’re a newbie. eliminates any potential problem by creating pre-filled templates, to the tune of 229 affiliate networks and 81 traffic sources.

Anti-Fraud Protection​

Skro will block bots traffic by user agent to get high-quality human traffic only.

Cookieless Tracking​

Several paid traffic sources can be difficult to track when running ads as they do not allow and use cookies. As such, the only option for monitoring campaigns would be to utilize cookieless tracking.

Skro realizes this need, which is why they made it possible to direct track campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads without the need to leave cookies in the browser.

Advanced Reporting​

To help you properly evaluate your campaigns, you can drill down data based on 32 data metrics available in the system. Furthermore, you can customize the reporting columns based on your needs so you can quickly gain insight into the performance of your campaigns upon logging in to the tracker.


Custom Domains with free SSL​

Running high volume traffic into one domain name can cause browsers to become suspicious of the domain, which in turn can lead to traffic losses. To make switching to different domains per campaign seamless while ensuring your data remains intact, Skro allows you to link multiple custom domains in your tracker. Not only that, the tracker even provides SSL for all your custom domains, free of charge.

Rule-based paths​

Extend the default campaign funnel and create rule-based paths for your visitors. Define multiple landers and offers to maximize your conversions.


Skro Plans and Payment Options​

This tracking tool has 5 different plans, all of which differ based on the events limit per month, number of users and how long the data is stored.


Free plan - This is your best bet if you’re a newbie and are looking for a free tracker or if you simply want to test if this tracker is for you. It accepts up to 250,000 events per month, allows up to 10 custom domains, and stores up to three months’ worth of data.

Starter Plan - Priced at €39 per month, this plan accepts ten times more events than the free plan (2.5 million), five times more custom domains (50), and twice the length of data retention (6 months).

Pro Plan - If your monthly traffic reaches up to 5 million, then this is the plan for you. It allows you to link up to 100 custom domains and keeps your data for a year. All this for the price of €99 per month.


Team Plan - Team plan is for a small teams, up to five users. the Team plan allows you to store your ad data for one year. It accepts 10 million events per month and allows up to 150 custom domains. This one is worth €199 per month.

Enterprise Plan - The largest plan available, the Enterprise plan allows you to store your ad data for two years. You can add up to 10 users. It accepts 30 million events per month and allows up to 300 custom domains. This one is worth €449 per month. is an active member of the affLIFT community. They are eager to hear what affiliates think of their tracker and how it can be improved. Visit their official thread for updates and to connect with their team.

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Skro is one of my favorite new trackers on the market. They have done a GREAT job over the past year improving their tool and the addition of free PropellerAds integration (cost tracking and optimization) makes this a 5 star option! Information

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