Guide How to Protect Your Campaign From Getting Fake Conversions



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May 2, 2018

While we still don’t know what happened HERE, I decided to show you how you can protect your campaign from getting fake conversions.

I’m not saying that’s the case in the thread mentioned above, but it seems very fishy based on the data we have seen so far.

How can someone send fake conversions to my campaign?​

Easy. If you take a look at the URL-s you use in your campaign (like campaign URL, click URL, postback URL etc) they might look something like this (BeMob example):

Your Campaign URL


Your Click URL


Your Postback URL


Now, you know how postbacks work? The affiliate network “calls” (opens) your postback URL (with correct clickId under cid parameter and revenue under payout). For example, if there is a click in your tracker with clickId = 89zk324hjk32gi7l642 and that click converted and generated $0.51 in revenue, then your affiliate network will open the following URL (call your tracker) and send you the info like that:


How can others generate a postback URL with data like this? Easy.

If you open a Network tab in developer tools in Chrome browser, once you click on a CTA button on
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