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Interested In Pay Per Call? Here's A Good Opportunity For YOU & The Forum



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Apr 30, 2018
Quick Thread:

I'm not affiliated with Adam or Ringba, but (I do highly recommend his course & book and) I just wanted to highlight this opportunity:

@15:50 - Adam is willing to sponsor your Pay Per Call Journey.

+ My Advice: Also make you sure check this video before reaching out:

+ I think it's a great opportunity to connect with Adam, who's arguably the best connection to have in PPC.

+ I think this opportunity can serve as a breakthrough for a lot of (the right) people in this forum, who are already very good in documenting their journey, but who still haven't managed to find any stable longterm campaigns (which is what PPC is about) + you'd also be aiding in more HQ content & the future of this forum + you can build a (better) personal brand & reputation in the process.

I hope it helps.
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