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[Giveaway] The Pay Per Call Revolution Book



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Apr 17, 2018
This year, two of the "OGs" of the affiliate marketing industry published books. Last month, it was Ian Fernando:

In March, it was Adam Young.

If you have been on the forum for awhile, you may recognize Adam's name. Adam and I go WAY back. In fact, we talked about how far back we go on his podcast (The Affiliate Marketing Show Podcast) about a year ago :)

Earlier this year when I was having a conversation with Adam at Affiliate Summit West, he mentioned that he was working on publishing his book. Adam owns Ringba and has been in the pay per call space for a long time so I assumed it was about pay per call. As it turns out, it is:


I bought a physical copy of the book and it's sitting on the shelf of my new desk, but I see now Adam has an Audible version of his book so I will listen to that when I finish the book I am listening to now.

Adam is by far one of the most knowledgable people I know in our industry.
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