15+ Years in the Game: My Incomplete Guide to Affiliate Marketing Book is Released!



Grand Guru
Oct 17, 2018
🌟 I'm thrilled to share a special announcement with you all, especially for those who are new to the world of affiliate marketing.

I'm super excited to take a big step forward by turning my original guide into a book called "Incomplete Guide to Affiliate Marketing." 📘 This book isn't just about affiliate marketing; it's a friendly exploration of the basics of marketing in a way that's easy to understand, I think anyways.

My journey in affiliate marketing has been a mix of ups and downs, facing challenges like depression and adapting to the ever-changing marketing world. Affiliate marketing has been a game-changer for me, and I want to share how I've navigated through tough times and found success.

I'm grateful to still be part of this community and to share this journey with you all. The key to my survival and growth has been a strong foundation in marketing principles that I've applied across different platforms and industry shifts. Let's face it, there are a lot of affiliates that are no longer affiliates.

So, here it is, my book "Incomplete Guide to Affiliate Marketing." 🚀 I genuinely hope it can help you as much as this community has helped me grow
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