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How to get more traffics? Contextual Advertising is the Key!


Feb 18, 2022
As third party cookies are making their way out with the rising privacy issue, contextual targeting has gained back the spotlight.

Contextual targeting refers to the method of placing relevant ads that match the content of a website through factors like keywords, topics, or categories without relying on third-party cookies. An example would be showing cosmetic ads to a user who is reading beauty articles. This automatic ad placement enables marketers to focus on the actual content people consume.

The Difference between Contextual and Behavioral Targeting
Behavioral targeting targets consumers based on their previous actions, and it doesn’t show ads that are most relevant to the content that is currently being viewed as much as contextual targeting does.

Contextual targeting is designed to place the most relevant ads to the desired user at the right context. It places ads on websites by analyzing the keywords of the web page, which helps determine if the content relates to the ad. Contextual targeting also has the ability to find an audience beforehand, meaning it doesn’t let the ad become an afterthought and
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