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Follow Along cyrus791's Journey Using Bemob + Mobipium + Popads + Luke's Pops Guide + Evadav


Active Member
**July 29**
I will start to focus on one campaign which is "Indonesia - PopAds - Android_Chrome_ID_WebsiteID" and stop running the "Indonesia - PopAds - test" campaign.
Here's the result for this day.

Here's the targeting for this campaign:
Bid: 0.0001811
Categories: All non adult
Language: Indonesian
OS: All Android
Browser: Chrome 47-85(remove 47, 49, 50, 51, 57, 66)
Device Targeting: Smartphone
Connection Speeds: Unknown, Dialup, Cable/DSL, Cellular/Carrier
WebsiteIDs with positive ROI in the last 30 days.

Screen Resolution:

Android 8.0
Android 4.2.2
Android 4.2.1
Android 7.1
Android 9.1

Pt. Smartfren Telecom
PT. XL Axiata Tbk
Media Antar Nusa PT.
PT Jembatan Citra Nusantara

The volume goes down to 1800+ conversion to 500+

**July 30**

I didn't touch this campaign from July 29th. It is the same targeting.

My data is mess. It's all mixed up like different bids, different offers, different websiteIDs each day or every 2 or every 3 days and more.
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Staff member
My data is mess. It's all mixed up like different bids, different offers, different websiteIDs each day or every 2 or every 3 days and more.
It's easy for this to happen. You may want to keep a Google Doc as kind of a changelog for your campaign 👍


Active Member
**July 31**
As of this day, the results are getting worst:

This is a blacklist campaign that I just created. The volume is high but the ROI is not getting better. The conversions is down from 3%+ to 2.55%.

I asked my affiliate manager for a payout bump but she refused to give me some increase of payout. Because they are not getting much from Indonesia geo.


Active Member
I decided to switch to whitelist campaign again because Blacklist campaign isn't getting better.

**August 1**

**August 2**

**August 3**

I'm about to throw the towel for this campaign because I can't make it profitable consistently. The payout is very low which is $0.0043 per conversion and my affiliate manager is not giving me a payout increase at all. :(

Majority of conversions comes from 1 specific websiteID which is still in negative profit. If I will remove that specific websiteID, the volume becomes very low but it will be profitable. I think it will make me $0.05-$0.10 per day which is very little.


Staff member
You should consider testing some of the smartlink offers from Monetizer with the websites you have converting. Right now, I am seeing some offers on Monetizer with pretty good eCPMs :)



Active Member
I was thinking to do a rev share payout option for this push subscriber offer because I got a decent amount of conversions. 24,873 conversions with $120 spent with $117.31 spent. It is like @Luke's journey to 100,000 subscribers in Egypt.


Active Member
**August 4-15**
Here's my results after cutting websiteID's with negative ROI.

Volume has gone down. I manage to get it profitable for pennies. :)