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Click Loss - CPVlab VS Bemob


Oct 15, 2019
So I took a closer look at my numbers for the last 3 days and since I tested both CPVLAB (self hosted) and now also use BeMob (cloud hosted) here's what I found:

I tested a total of 3 links.

2 with CPVlab and 1 with Bemob

Link 1 - CPV lab
Traffic source clicks: 1,530
CPVlab clicks: 1,068
Click through vs lost: 69% / 31%

Link 2 - CPVlab
Traffic source clicks: 1,691
CPVlab clicks: 1,206
Click through vs lost: 71% / 29%

Link 3 - Bemob
Traffic source clicks: 1,351
CPVlab clicks: 1,009
Click through
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