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Blacklisting vs Whitelisting



Super Contributor
Apr 21, 2020
Should you blacklist to profitability? I want more insight on the best way to go about blacklisting and whitelisting throughout the entire lifespan of a campaign.

I figure if the campaign starts at a decent ROI, maybe -50% or better, maybe it's possible to BL until profitable.

But I'd like to get opinions from other more experienced affiliates.

I ask because I have a campaign in which I optimized to around -50% to -30% ROI from blacklisting sites?

Should I just keep blacklisting until it's profitable?

How would I know when it's time to whitelist? Should I make a new campaign for the WL or keep it all in the same campaign?

I've seen both and a lot of mixed messages so I'm looking for some clarification.

For those that keep it all in one, how do you know you've gotten all the profitable (or potentially profitable) zones from a traffic source if you cut off the RON campaign and only target the proven sites?

Is it best to create a separate one? And if so, should I blacklist the profitable sites I'm targeting in my blacklist campaign so I can continue trying to find
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