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Adcash Follow Along Contest with $4000+ in Prizes!

All setup and waiting for creative approval. This is my first follow along and my first contest entry so here we go!
All setup and waiting for creative approval. This is my first follow along and my first contest entry so here we go!
Nice! Added it to our list :)
hey @Luke

Updated the follow along list :)
It's time for our first contest of the year! This month, we will be doing a follow along contest with a traffic source I am very excited to get you all testing...Adcash! 🚀

We have over $4,000 in prizes and like all our contests, this one is going to be easy and a great way to try out some new offers and run some new campaigns 😃

Start Date: Tuesday, February 1st
Voting for winners starts: Tuesday, March 1st
End Date: Tuesday, March 8th (winners announced based off poll results)

💰 Adcash Contest Prizes:​

1st - $1000 🥇
2nd - $500 🥈
3rd - $250 🥉
Participation Award - $2022 (split among all qualifying participants)
Community Leader Favorite - $250 Adcash voucher

🏆 Best Adcash Follow Along​

On Tuesday, March 1st, I will create a thread with a poll where you can pick your favorite follow along from the contest. The voting will last 1 week and on Tuesday, March 8th, the winners of the top 3 prizes will be based on the number of votes received in the poll.

🤑 Participation Award​

Everyone who participates in the contest and completes all the necessary steps outlined below to qualify will receive a part of the $2022 prize pool available for a participation award.

For example, if we have 20 participants in this contest, the participants will split $2022 so each participant will receive $101.10.

❤️ Community Leader Favorite​

On Tuesday, March 8th, we will also announce the Community Leader Favorite. The winner will receive a $250 Adcash voucher. The affLIFT Community Leaders will discuss and decide on this winner 😃

All prizes will be paid starting on March 8th via PayPal.

✅ How to Participate​

Participating in this contest is easy. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Sign up at Adcash (if you’re already an advertiser on Adcash just skip this step and go to the next one).
  2. Top-up your advertiser account. Use the promo code AFFLIFT22 to get a 25% bonus!
  3. Create a Follow Along thread in the PPV forum for either a pop or interstitial campaign (template here).
  4. Reply to this thread with a link to your follow along thread.
  5. Post at least 4 updates in your thread (please number them) about how your campaign is running (be as detailed as possible).
IMPORTANT: Adcash and I recommend testing their pop and interstitial traffic. You can test in-page push and it will count towards the contest, but you will have the best results with pop/interstitial 🤑

That’s it! You can run multiple campaigns and create multiple follow along threads if you like.

And, with the $2022 Participation Award, you are guaranteed to get some of your money back!

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🧑‍🚀 Adcash Recommendations

The team at Adcash and I have been discussing all the things we can do to try to make sure your campaigns with Adcash are as profitable as possible. Here are some recommendations we've come up with:
  • BONUS: Use the exclusive affLIFT promo code: AFFLIFT22 to get a 25% top-up on your deposit. This is for new and existing advertisers!
  • Ad formats: Focus on Pop-Under & Interstitial ads.
  • Campaign creation type: If you’re an experienced affiliate, we’d go with an Advanced campaign, as it offers more control over every aspect of your campaign. For example, it has more targeting features, a powerful ROAS monitoring & campaign optimization tool, quality tier bidding for CPM (3 bids instead of 1) and you can select multiple ad formats in one campaign.
  • SSP targeting: If you’re new to Adcash, target Adcash as the only SSP to narrow down your campaign’s testing period only to our network of direct publishers. Once you feel confident, you can target all other SSPs through the same campaign, or create a separate one to target all other SSPs but Adcash.
  • Targeting options: In addition to device/OS/browser types of targeting options, don’t underestimate the power of user interest & website category targeting. For example, if you’re looking to promote any kind of Sport-related product or service we recommend targeting only the Sport "User Interest" or the Sports Website Category" (we even recommend A/B testing these two).
  • Payout Type: If you can integrate our S2S postback (goal/conversion tracking), we recommend A/B testing our CPA Target bidding feature against CPM.
  • Verticals: In the last 30 days, these are the most successful verticals on Adcash (in no particular order): VPNs, antiviruses or any other mobile app utilities, sports betting, crypto or other "Make money" type of products, VOD, sweeps, dating (including adult), casino, gaming, browser extensions, eCommerce.
Of course, I am here to help and the Adcash team is also available! They'll be watching all the follow alongs and answering any questions. You can also PM them: @Adcash

▶️ Participating Follow Alongs​

Here is a list of all the follow alongs created for the contest. Once someone has made the 4 updates required, I will put a ⭐ by their name which means they will be included in the prize pool!

Need help?​

Our Community Leaders and the Adcash team are here to help you be successful! Let us know if you have any questions 👍

Can we have more than one entries?
Dear participants, we are so happy to see your engagement!

Here is just a little tip to encourage you to run some tests on one of our biggest traffic vertical. The weekend and Superbowl are coming, it’s THE TIME when the sport-related websites show their full capacity. If you have any sport betting offer (both web and/or mobile), VOD or VPN, don’t be shy!

Go set up a campaign with the following targeting:

1/ SSP Targeting: "Adcash" ONLY

2/ Website Categories Targeting: "Sports" ONLY

3/ Recommended AdFormats: Pop-Under

Also, don’t forget that adult traffic is VPNs / Finance related offers’ best friend. Let’s goooo! 🚀💪

P.S. If you need assistance, please contact Evgeniy per Skype/email: [email protected]
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