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Follow Along πŸŽƒ Spooky Contest: Propeller Pops Follow Along



Grand Guru
Oct 17, 2018
How's It going everyone. Here's my follow along for our October Spooky Contest

🎯 Trafic Source: Propeller Ads
πŸ”— Traffic Type: Popunder
βœ… Affiliate Network: Golden Goose
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool: Binom
🌍 Geo: Tier 2/3
🏁 Goal: Get Better As An Affiliate/Media Buyer

Let's have fun and sharpen our skills!


My minds not set on any specific vertical. I'm just going to do my best documenting my process (and sharing my thought process through out the journey) of finding an offer with potential, to getting the campaign green, and then scaling it.

First Step: Research


I'm sure everyone has their own method of researching and finding potential offers.

I like to combine a few methods before I run out and start a campaign.

I usually use a mix of:
  • Affiliate Manager's Recommendations
  • Current Top Offers on affiliate networks (I use their dashboard and pay attention to emails sent out from their network)
  • Monetizer (Deeper research into os,carrier,etc)
  • Spy Tools (More research on offers/landers)
So it sort of looks something like this...

(This is just an example, and not the actual campaign I'm running)

I'll take a look at the top
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