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Every affiliate who has ever tried promoting an offer knows how important a landing page is. A landing page allows you to warm your traffic up to make it easier for them to sign up for whatever offer you are promoting.

However, not everyone knows how to create a landing page, what with all the design and technical aspects of creating one. This is where LanderBolt comes in.

Landerbolt Features

Said to be created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, LanderBolt is an all-in-one landing page builder. Total newbies to expert affiliate marketers will be comfortable in using this platform because of the following features:

Universal Page Importer
The latest feature added in 2019, this allows affiliates to copy a competitor’s landing page by simply copying the URL and pasting it in LanderBolt’s page importer. The platform will get rid of any malicious code in the landing page so it will be ready for use. Once imported, you can edit the page in the visual/code editor for custom adjustments.

One Click Publishing
With LanderBolt, after creating your landing page, instead of downloading it and installing somewhere else, you can just add a custom domain and publish immediately. The platform can host your landing page, with an unlimited number of page views. And even if it hosts thousands of landing pages, it still loads pretty fast, preventing you from losing your audience due to slow page loads.

Tracker Integration
Tracking your landing page performance is as important as any other. Not only can you create and host your affiliate landing page in LanderBolt, but you can also integrate your tracker here. The following are LanderBolt’s integration partners:
Javascript Suite
Javascript can be helpful in making your landing pages more effective. If you are looking to integrate a timed redirect, back button redirect, time entry alert and more, you can use the Javascript Suite. There would be no need to learn coding of any sort with this landing page builder.

Automatic Link Replacer
After creating your landing page, you would, of course, need to add your offer links in the landing page. You just need to add your affiliate links and the automatic link replacer will set everything up.

LandeBolt Pricing

LanderBolt pricing levels:
  1. LanderBolt – priced at $97 per month, this plan allows you to build an unlimited number of landing pages with limited custom domains, unlimited hosting.
  2. LanderBolt Professional – priced at $297 per month ($2 844 annually), unlimited hosting, unlimited landing pages, unlimited custom domains, Email/Live Chat Support.
If you need something more, such as getting custom development you can have a demo scheduled with the company.

Latest Rating

  • Nick
  • 2.00 star(s)
Alright, I've had some time this week to test out LanderBolt and I think I'm quite disappointed.

Let's first talk about the positives:
the landing pages AND the builder both load extremely fast.
You can import your own landing pages that you've downloaded (you have to copy/paste into the code editor and upload the images one by one. I think this is also a negative because it's not exactly fast.) I was able to get a 'spin the wheel' lander working in there.
You don't have to deal with a server, FTP, etc. You just click 'publish' and your page is ready to go.

Doesn't integrate with AdPlexity Mobile (it seems that it only integrates with the Native version)
The templates pretty much suck... unless you are doing native ads. Most of the templates are for native.
One template is broken. This made me question the platform a little bit, especially because it's not cheap.
Some of the templates encode images with Base64 encoding. Now, I'm not claiming to be an expert programmer or anything, but from my research, the load times are slower than directly linking to the source image. Out of the handful of templates I looked through, I only found one encoding the images like this.
Making interactive landing pages (i.e. javascript quiz) for a vertical like sweeps doesn't seem any faster... if anything I think manually coding the pages is faster.
The code editor was a little bit buggy at times. (sometimes I'd have to have my cursor like 4 characters ahead of where I really wanted to type)
Support hasn't replied in 4 days (I know it's the holidays, but still)

Overall Landerbolt seems like it would be fantastic for media buyers focusing solely on Native ads where they just need simple landers (advertorials), but not really for anyone else.

I don't think their pricing comes close to the value they provide (at least for me and my uses).

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