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Any affiliate marketer knows that having a tracker is essential to succeed in this business. There are tons of fine choices out there, and one of them is FunnelFlux.

As its name itself implies, this platform focuses on helping affiliates create their funnels. If you are on the fence about getting FunnelFlux as your tracker, here are its features that might convince you.

FunnelFlux Features

Do you want your tracker to be self-hosted or not? With this tracker, you have the option to choose whichever as FunnelFlux offers both managed hosting and self-hosted versions. There is a different pricing plan for every usage level with managed hosting, while self-hosted has only one pricing plan.


Funnel Builder

Funnel Flux has a visual builder that helps affiliates build their landers even if they have no coding knowledge. The landing page templates available include:
  1. Simple Lander Offer
  2. Typical Affiliate Funnel
  3. Email Opt-in
  4. Up-sell lander
  5. Cross-sell lander
  6. Advanced Routing
Of course, you can always opt not to use any of the templates and build your LP from scratch.

Digital Element Integration

If you need to know not just the country or the city of your visitors, but also the carrier and ISP data, industry-leading provider Digital Element is who you should turn to. Funnel Flux provides access to Digital Element under the self-hosted plan.

Multivariate Testing

You can create multiple variations of the different elements in a page, in effect allowing you to test all combinations in a single campaign. This way, you can find the greatest performing elements and come up with the best landing page version, without having to create multiple landing pages individually and running several campaigns.

The Optimizer Integration

If you want to minimize your campaign management tasks, having a tool such as The Optimizer would be ideal. This paid tool can be integrated to FunnelFlux so you won’t have to go back and forth between platforms.

Bulletproof Tracking

FunnelFlux tracking platform is not only consistent in providing detailed results, but also coherent. This connotes that there is no disconnect in the tracking data of your visitors, even with ad and cookie blocks.

FunnelFlux Plans

As previously mentioned, this tracker comes in managed hosting plan and self-hosted plan. Self-hosted tracker has a license fee of $99, charged per month. To give affiliates a chance to navigate their way through the tracker, the self-hosted plan has a trial of $1 for the first month,

Now for managed hosting, FunnelFlux has the following pricing plans:
  • Flux Micro - if you have a traffic of less than 5 million a month, this plan is perfect for you. This includes unlimited domains, free SSL, and 80 GB of storage. It is priced at $179 per month.
  • Flux Starter - this works for those who have 5 to 10 million traffic, and includes everything under Flux Micro, plus an additional 80 GB of storage. It is priced at $249 monthly.
  • Flux Pro - this plan is worth $449 per month. It accepts up to 25 million views, includes everything under Flux Starter, and comes with a total of 320 GB worth of storage.
  • Managed LP Server - if you have a lot of landing pages that you want FunnelFlux to host (to make the LP load lightning fast), you can subscribe to their managed LP server that is worth $30 per month for 10 million views.
Managed hosting has the additional benefit of not needing to tinker on the technical aspects of the tracker, and updates are automatic.

🚀 Make sure to check out our review of the latest version of FunnelFlux!

Latest Rating

I really enjoy using FunnelFlux. I've been using a self-hosted installation for over 7 months. I wasn't really confident with the installation process when I started, but I got in touch with support with a few questions and instead of just answering them they just went ahead and installed it for me. I recently created a managed account after FunnelFlux V2 was released with a new improved database and I'm in the process of migrating over the campaigns from my self-hosted installation, but I'm already enjoying how much faster my reports are generating.

My main reason for using FunnelFlux is the visual funnel builder. I love this feature because I'm a very visual person and I like to see the traffic flows in my funnel. This has really made a difference for me when I'm setting up complex conversion flows and when I get an idea of how to route different traffic segments for different reasons - I can just jump into the visual flow and move it and reshape it all on one canvas.

Otherwise, I've always received fantastic support from the FF support team, even with technical issues that don't directly relate to the tracker - for example, I was experimenting with collecting my own push subscribers at one stage and couldn't work out how to integrate the register callback API with FF so I reached out to their support as a last resort and they came back to me with a while bunch of ideas and custom JS code that I could experiment with.

I really think this is a great tracker and it's loaded with complex technical features. It took a minute to get used to the dashboard and UI because it's different to other trackers, but once I got my head around it I found that I could set up new campaigns in next to no time.

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