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Are you still stuck on using spreadsheets to monitor the performance of your campaigns? If your number one concern why you're not subscribing to a tracker is the price, why not use a tracker that is priced based on your needs?

ThriveTracker is one tracker that provides multiple features with pricing levels based on the user's needs.

ThriveTracker Features

AI Auto Optimization
This is ThriveTracker's latest feature. This tool automatically chooses the best performing landing page and offer within one campaign by adjusting their weights based on performance. The historical time period of six hours up to seven days is analyzed.

You can choose between ROI, EPC or CVR as the optimization objective. Using Bayesian statistics, the algorithm analyzes the campaigns to find the best performing offers or landing pages.

All subscription plans include this intelligent feature. If, however, you don't want to use this optimization feature as you still want to have full control over your campaigns, you can always disable it.

Bot Filter
Prevent bots from accessing your landing pages and offers with ThriveTrackers Bot Filter. You can also use this bot filter as a geo-redirect so you can redirect unwanted traffic to a different landing page or offer.

Funnel Support
Warm-up or upsell audiences through a series of landing pages in a funnel, branched out based on the user’s behavior. You can also split-test landing pages and offers based on specific user criteria.

Custom Domain
If you don’t want your campaigns to be associated with a domain that everybody else is using, you should use your own domain. This is possible with this tracker for a fee of $10 per month for every custom domain you want to add.

ThriveTracker Pricing

ThriveTracker has six pricing levels for affiliates and media buyers to choose from. These are as follows:
  1. Cloud Lite - priced at $39 per month, this plan accepts 100,000 clicks, includes one custom domain, AI Optimization, drill-down reporting, unlimited funnel support, and more.
  2. Cloud Classic - priced at $99 monthly, this plan includes one million clicks and everything Clou Lite has.
  3. Cloud Pro - for a monthly price of $275, this plan accepts five million clicks, plus everything within Cloud Classic. In addition, you can use API and the Bot Filter, plus allow multi-user access. Instead of one custom domain, the user can utilize up to five custom domains.
  4. Cloud Entrepreneur - if Cloud Pro is not enough, you can use the Cloud Entrepreneur plan, which accepts ten million clicks, up to ten custom domains, and everything under the previous plan.
  5. Cloud Enterprise - best for large-volume media buyers, this plan accepts 30 million clicks, unlimited custom domains, SSL certificates, and everything else under Cloud Entrepreneur. Users will also get priority support and a personal account manager. All this for the price of $899 per month.
  6. Cloud Elite - If all other plans are not enough, there is this final plan that is customized based on the account owner’s needs. The pricing is customized as well. Interested users would have to get in touch with ThriveTracker to discuss the contents of the plan.
If you are unsure whether ThriveTracker is the right tracking platform for you, try it first by utilizing their 14-day free trial, which includes one million clicks.

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🚀 Thrive is a part of our community here on affLIFT! If you have any questions, you can message them (@ThriveTracker) or post in their official thread.

Latest Rating

  • vmlinz
  • 1.00 star(s)
1. Bad service response time, I signed up for cloud pro with discount, and when setting up the ssl, it take 3 days for the support to process my request and start working on installing ssl.

2. Misleading DISCOUNT promotion. When I sign up for test, they have a promo for blackfriday is automatically applied, but they did not mention using a promo code means no free trial period in any forms of notification.

3. Then I was disappointed with their service and wanted to opt out in less than the claimed 14 free trial days. They denied my request and stating using promo code means no free trial.

4. Anyone wants to try thrive tracker should be alarmed with their TOS and the poor support.

5. This is my opinion, and I will not try any of their service.

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