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A tracker is a backbone that holds your affiliate marketing efforts together. It allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns to see which among them is a gem.

RedTrack is a good choice if you are looking for an effective impression tracking tool with extensive analytical features. Click tracking, ad impression tracking, impressions forwarding, conversion tracking, no-redirect and cookieless tracking are some of its prominent tracking software features.

Let’s take a closer look.


RedTrack Features​

RedTrack.io has a lot of great features, but its most notable ones are the following:

Extensive Reporting
RedTrack has extensive reporting options, with more than 30 data attribution points. You can check campaigns to three levels down to further analyze the performance of your campaigns, ad creatives, and prelanders. You can then use the Campaign Automation Rules and Alerts feature to turn your insights into profitable action.

Like other trackers, you can track events across all traffic sources, and monitor offer conversions from multiple affiliate networks.

There are several ways by which you can filter and redirect your traffic. You can redirect based on the following:
  • predefined weight
  • automatically assigned weight
  • eighteen filter options
  • subIDs
  • pre-set filters
You are allowed an unlimited number of redirect streams as necessary for your split-testing needs.


Cookieless Tracking​

With Google’s gradual removal of third-party tracking cookies causing disruption in the advertising industry and making marketers panic, RedTrack advertisers carry on without concern. After all, RedTrack helps them with its Cookieless Tracking solution.

The entire user journey from click to conversion is still monitored, with a recorded session loss of less than 5%.

RedTrack also supports Facebook ad tracking via Facebook Conversion API.

Landing Page Integration and Management
Using landing pages can raise your conversion rates, which is why a tracker with an effective landing page management system is important. With RedTrack.io, you can rotate landing pages and run multiple offers per LP. You can also integrate LanderBolt with just one click.

Furthermore, RedTrack provides all its users LP Protection, which means your landing pages are protected against manual spying of your competition and visits from spy tools.

Collaborate and share results
Do you have a team? Don’t worry, RedTrack.io has got you covered. You can connect and share views and reports with your team on one platform. You can even connect with your customers. To do this, you just have to edit the access rights on certain aspects of the account or even specific campaigns that you want to share.

RedTrack Plans and Pricing​

RedTrack offers different account levels based on the kind of business you have.

Individual Plans​

If you are the only one using the account, you can go for Individual Plans.

Basic – priced at $49 per month, this account allows you to have unlimited campaigns, unlimited conversions, two custom domains, and core tracking & analytics.

Basically, it covers all the essential tracking features you need to get started. Also, you get one million clicks and an overspend charge of $0.06 per thousand events.

Pro – priced at $99 per month, this plan offers all the core tracking features plus API integrations, alerts, and even auto-optimization to help you get the maximum ROAS.

With this plan, you get three million clicks a month. The overage fee for excess clicks is $0.04 per thousand events.

Advanced – this plan costs $149 monthly, and offers all the features of the pro plan with the added benefit of allowing multiple accounts for Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads.

It includes six million clicks and unlimited custom domains. Overspends are charged at $0.03 per thousand events.

Organizational Plans​

If you’re working with a team, you can check out RedTrack’s team and organizational plans. You and your team can get custom branding, multiple account access, a reporting dashboard for clients, and even a separate panel to manage your own affiliates.

Levels include:
  • Team - priced at $249 per month
  • Agency - $449 per month
  • Enterprise - $1,119 per month
Additionally, RedTrack allows you to customize your subscription plan. This applies to situations where the click volume from the Enterprise Plan is smaller than what you need, or if you’d like to modify your usage of RedTrack to suit your business needs.

To get a custom plan, contact the RedTrack product specialist.

Paying for RedTrack​

You can use credit cards, PayPal account or wire transfer to pay for subscriptions.

If you’d like to see whether RedTrack.io works for you or not, you can take advantage of their free trial for 14 days or for 100,000 events (whichever comes first). No credit card is required when signing up for a trial.

To get a discount when signing up, opt for the annual subscription, which grants you two free months of subscription. You can also use affLIFT's exclusive discount code, which grants you a 30% discount on the first two months of your subscription.

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RedTrack has been a member of the affLIFT community since the beginning and is a popular tracker among our members 😃

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When my team used it, I didn’t like the support that was only by email, as well as systematic failures and your tracking links don’t work or the API falls off

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