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Official RedTrack.io | Easy-to-use affiliate campaign tracker



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Jun 19, 2018
Hi all the affLIFT forum members!

And a special thanks to @Luke, who has invited us to join this community.

We created this official RedTrack thread as we’ve noticed that quite a lot of questions regarding our tracking solution arise here. And who can answer them more comprehensive and explicit than the team that stands behind RedTrack :)

In this thread, we welcome you to ask us anything about RedTrack and how to use it to manage and optimize your ad campaigns.

For those, who are not familiar with RedTrack.io, let us make a small self-presentation.

RedTrack.io is an easy-to-use affiliate and performance campaign tracking solution. The tracker is designed for affiliate marketers and media buyers to tackle complex performance and data tracking using a single and ultimate solution.

Some of our features:
  • Fast redirects and quick report generation
  • Tracking all types of traffic
  • Flexible distribution system based on 20+ attributes
  • Unique visitor cap
  • Daily conversion cap
  • Multiple postback options
  • LP protect from bots
  • Multi-dimensional reports
You can find way more on our website - here.
Or check our live demo - here.

Or even register for a FREE account
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