If you are an ad buyer, you have probably already heard of PopCash. This Europe-based ad platform is a favorite among ad buyers because of its high-conversion popunder ads and the fact that it works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

If you read a PopCash review, you’ll probably hear the reviewer mention how simple the platform is to use, its robust optimization and targeting tools, and, of course, the chance for high conversion rates if you set your Pop Cash campaign up correctly.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes PopCash one of the best options for ad buyers looking to add a popunder ad network to their marketing efforts.


What is PopCash?

PopCash is in Bucharest. It started operations as a desktop ad platform in 2012, and it added mobile options a year later. Ad networks pop up and disappear quickly, so the fact that Pop Cash has been around for seven years is significant. Only platforms that provide quality tools and services last for more than a couple of years.

PopCash ad network offers a variety of categories that target both adult and mainstream traffic, and it allows ad buyers to promote in both mobile and desktop environments.

Why does PopCash stand out?

No PopCash review would be complete without mentioning its easy-to-use interface. The platform cuts out a lot of the clutter that defines some other ad platforms. It’s pretty straightforward to access the information that you need to set up your campaign. At the same time, ad buyers have access to all the information that they need to create robust ads that focus on their target market and location.

You can easily access current and past reports, track performance, manage your account and payments, and even take part in the lucrative Pop Cash referral program. PopCash has a support center and knowledge base as well as offering support via Skype and email.

Starting a Pop Campaign

Setting up a new campaign is pretty simple. You create a name and set up a tracking ID and define parameters like target country, operating system, and cost. You also need to specify a side ID to track your campaign, and then you need to enter your total budget.

The PopCash network bidding process involves bidding per visitor. For example, if you want to spend $4 per 1000 pop-unders, you need to insert 0.004 as your bid.

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Defining your ads

You can choose operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows), browser type (Firefox, Chrome, Opera), and connection type (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G). These decisions can help you target your audience. Think about it: if someone has a slow mobile connection, you would not want them to click on a media-intensive ad because it would never load.

You can opt to display adult content or define your campaign using popular mainstream categories such as entertainment, file hosting, dating, video streaming, movies, videos, image hosting, and downloads.

After setting all the parameters and making your bids, you have to wait for approval, which usually only takes an hour on weekdays. Once your ads are live, you can track them via your dashboard. You have the option to pause your campaign to make changes (maybe using the info from PopCash reports to make your ads perfect).

Why choose Pop Cash?

PopCash is a reliable pop-under platform that has stood the test of time and offers tools and controls that are easy to understand and powerful at the same time. If you promote affiliate offers with PPV traffic, you should give PopCash a try!