A landing page is actually any web page that a visitor can land on, but generally speaking it's one which includes a call-to-action that guides visitors toward some intended action. That might be to provide their email address to you, or any other personal information, so that you can use that data to achieve your ultimate goal, e.g. making a sale or something else. Since the goal of the landing page is to convert users, it has an extremely critical role, and that means its design needs to be appealing and functional for users. Here are five of the best landing page builders you can use to achieve your objectives.



PureLander landing page builder is one which is created for the specific purpose of being useful to affiliates who are engaged in CPA marketing. Features are included in the software which are extremely beneficial for affiliates, such as the Landing Page Import, Vibration, Count-down, Exit Pop-up, JavaScript Alert, Disable Back Button, and Capture Browser and Device Info. The service is extremely affordable at just $25 per month for a full six-month membership.

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LanderBolt is one of the newest entries in the landing page arena, but LanderBolt has quickly risen to the top among competitors. It is advertised as a one-stop solution for affiliate marketers, and since it was developed by affiliate marketers, it provides all the tools needed to make someone else in the game very successful. It integrates nicely with many of the current ad spy tools, so you can bring other landing pages directly into the platform. The lowest membership prices is $97 per month, but each package includes a 14-day trial so you can determine if this is the right service for you.


Billed as the landing page builder for those individuals who are not programmers, Landingi offers membership packages which range from $29 per month, up to the gold standard package at $185 per month. The company offers a number of landing page templates which yield higher conversions, and a 14-day free trial is available. Its easy to use interface is a big selling point, and is one of the main reasons that no programming skills are necessary.


Leadpages is a simple landing page builder to use, offering numerous templates which are mobile responsive and customizable by the drag-and-drop editor provided, and then it's a simple matter to publish your new web page. It allows you to instantly launch Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads from right inside the landing page builder. LeadPages offers a complete Lead Generation Toolkit, and its standard package costs $25 per month, while its Advanced Package can be purchased for $199 per month.


Builderall offers much more than simple static landing pages, incorporating features like animations, countdown timers, scrolling pop-ups, parallax effects, and contact and registration forms. Each page that you create can have optimized search tools included as well. Membership packages range from $9.90 per month on up to $49.90 per month, and that makes it one of the most affordable landing page builders available on the market.