Affbank is the solution for affiliates who are looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to finding new offers and affiliate networks to work with. It has been in the industry since 2017 and has been a handy tool for newbies and expert affiliates alike.

Benefits of Using Affbank​

Affbank is a great resource for both affiliates and networks. For affiliates, there is a wide choice of offers from all over the world in various verticals. Additionally, their special tool — the Ads Spy Tool — allows users to see how their competitors are promoting similar products.

For traffic and affiliate networks, Affbank is an excellent way to promote your network to your target audience — performance affiliates. With Affbank's targeted reach, networks can stay more visible and encourage affiliate sign-ups.

Is Affbank Legit?​

One of the most common questions asked by newcomers in the affiliate industry is, "Is Affbank legit?" Given the proliferation of affiliate platforms and tools in recent years, it's a valid concern to ensure you're spending time and resources on a platform that's trustworthy and reputable.

From its inception in 2017, Affbank has quickly emerged as a reliable and essential tool for affiliates, offering an expansive database of offers and networks. Its reputation has been built upon the following:
  1. Longevity in the Industry: Affbank has been operational since 2017, providing affiliates with quality services for over half a decade. Longevity in such a dynamic field often indicates a platform's reliability.

  2. Consistent Growth: The platform consistently adds to its offer library and expands its list of affiliate and advertising networks, showing its dedication to providing comprehensive resources for its users.

  3. Transparency: Details about offers, payout structures, traffic types, and geolocation are all listed transparently. This level of detail ensures that affiliates can make informed decisions.

  4. Positive Feedback from Users: Many affiliates, both newbies and seasoned pros, have testified about the utility of Affbank's tools, especially its Ads Spy Tool. The widespread positive reception serves as a testament to its authenticity.

  5. Free Access: Affbank doesn't charge for access to its primary features, underscoring its commitment to aiding the affiliate community.
In conclusion, based on its track record, user feedback, and the value it provides to the affiliate marketing community, it's clear that Affbank is not just legit but also a preferred tool for many in the industry. As with all platforms, however, it's always a good practice to do personal research and perhaps even test out the platform to ensure it meets your specific needs.

Affbank Features​

As an affiliate offer aggregator, Affbank is a convenient tool for affiliates in several ways. Here are some of this platform's most useful features:

Offer Library

Affbank's immense offer library features more than 50 thousand offers at the moment. It is growing every day, with new offers being added all the time. Affiliates can find any type of offer they need in this library, with the most popular verticals including:
  • mobile apps
  • nutra and beauty
  • eCommerce
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Adult
  • Gambling and Betting
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Sweepstake
  • Utilities
  • Bizzopp
  • Games
...and more.


Affiliates can also narrow down the results based on payment types, such as CPA (cost per action), CPI (cost-per-install), CPL (cost per lead), CPS (cost per sale), Revshare, and Hybrid.

Once you click on the offer, you will be taken to the offer page where the details are listed, including the payout, accepted traffic types, conversion flow, affiliate network(s) it is available in, and the accepted traffic geolocation.

Affiliate Networks

Of course, you can't just list down affiliate offers without listing where these offers are available in — their respective affiliate networks. Affbank compiles this for you, listing down 99 affiliate networks alphabetically.

You can narrow down your search for a new affiliate to work with based on its offer categories, its available categories, commission types, payment frequency, payout options, minimum payout, and tracking software.

If you are an advertiser looking for publishers to work with or a network manager who is tired of manually searching for new affiliates to work with, then being listed in Affbank can be advantageous to you, too. Once an affiliate finds your offer and becomes interested in it, they can contact you directly.

Advertising Networks

If you are promoting an offer based on a specific traffic type then searching for an advertising network that has enough volume can be made easy with Affbank.

The platform lists down more than 300 traffic networks, which can be filtered based on their top geolocations, ad formats, monthly impression volume, traffic types, and categories (whether they have adult or non-adult traffic).

Affbank Spy tool

Spy Service​

If you are promoting offers through native advertising and are looking for a fresh way to market specific products or niches, then Affbanks's spy tool can be a big help to you.

The platform has a database of over 8 million ads. You can filter these based on the number of impressions, geolocation, and the ad network.

Other Services​

Aside from the main features above, Affbank also provides a list of affiliate tools at discounted prices and notable affiliate events that affiliate marketers and industry stakeholders might be interested in.

All these services and features are available free of charge.