An affiliate marketer is only as good as their affiliate tracking tools.

Without access to data, you don’t know which methods are converting, and this becomes especially important if you’re scaling your business and investing into paid traffic.

You don’t want to be pumping cash into things that don’t work – especially when your main goal is to sell as much as possible. After all, that’s what makes affiliate marketing so amazing – it’s passive income achievable with just a little marketing savvy.

So, what exactly can you track with affiliate tracking tools?
  • Visits/clicks
  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Your investment
  • Your profits
A lot of tools also have advanced notification systems, and all the data is processed real-time so you’re seeing your results with a delay that could risk in lost profits.

Here are the top 4 affiliate tracking tools you should consider to make your business even better in 2019:


BeMob is a marketing tracking software that can be really helpful for affiliates. It can help you manage your ad campaigns, track your results to determine which traffic sources are the most profitable, and measure your landing page performance.


When it comes to performance marketing, BeMob tracks all the important parameters and their features include:
  • Real-time statistics and data reporting
  • Traffic tracking and distribution (for campaign optimization)
  • The most recent and complete databases (so you don’t need any extra tools)
  • Instant redirects
  • Bot blacklisting
  • Mobile tracking
BeMob tracks all kinds of traffic, provides instant reports, allows you to take charge of your traffic sources and profits by blocking bots and accurately targeting your audience, which makes it a great affiliate tracking tool.

They’re also developing a new feature – BeMob Sixth Sense. It’s an automated way to optimize your campaigns, target the right consumers, and scale your marketing. Their tracker analyzes different parameter combinations to find the most effective ones by revenue, CTR and ROI.

BeMob Pricing

You can try out BeMob free for up to 100,000 events (clicks/conversions), or upgrade to one of the paid plans. The most popular plan is Starter and for $25/month, you get up to 250,000 events per month and 5 campaigns with the new Sixth Sense tech.


PeerClick is an ad-tracking solution for affiliate marketers, and it relies on new technologies to constantly optimize your experience. It uses AI technology to help you maximally monetize your traffic, and they can process billions of clicks each day – per account.


Another big benefit of PeerClick is their personalized approach to performance marketing. They offer different, customized solutions for different types of performance marketers. Special plans are available for affiliates, performance agencies, in-house media buyers, and enterprises in need of custom solutions.

PeerClick has a variety of affiliate tracking features, such as:
  • Instant start with pre-made templates
  • Campaigns for mobile and web
  • Performance analytics
  • Real-time reports and advanced targeting
  • AI-powered automation
Due to the machine learning tech they use, you can easily optimize and scale your ad campaigns.

PeerClick is constantly investing into user experience improvements, which is why it offers tree reporting (different indicators grouped together, e.g. number of men) and simple user interface to make earning more money by tracking your affiliate campaigns even easier.

PeerClick Pricing

PeerClick offers a free trial, but the first plan you can start with has plenty to offer: for $30/month (when billed annually; otherwise - $49/month) you get up to 3,000,000 events per month.

If you want instant reports and 12 month data history, you can upgrade to their most popular plan – Basic+. It’s $60/month when billed annually, and comes with 3 SSL, 9,000,000 events per month with 0.0082/1000 overage.


If you’re looking for a feature-rich (and simple) affiliate tracking tool, RedTrack may be your weapon of choice. This agile marketing tracking tool can handle performing complex analytics and tracking tasks, while allowing you to instantly scale your business.


The intent to help affiliate marketers scale up is clear from RedTrack’s AI Smartlinks technology. With just one API, you can manage hundreds of offers and integrate different networks into one dashboard. Smartlinks has over 100 affiliate network integrations, and it’s easy to automate traffic distribution based on conversion probability for each click.

Other RedTrack features include:
  • Over 30 attribution data points (which you can analyze manually or through comprehensive reports)
  • A/B testing
  • Different campaign cost models
  • Customer conversion journey tracking
  • Advanced targeting
  • SSL support
Their customers frequently emphasize their easy-to-use systems, especially for affiliates who are starting out. While full of features for enhanced traffic tracking, RedTrack preserves its simplicity.

RedTrack Pricing

RedTrack offers a 14-day free trial with 100,000 events and full functionality. After, their pricing starts at $29/month (300,000 events).

If you need more than that, the Professional plan includes 3,000,000 events for $79/month. Business includes 15,000,000 events for $339/month. These plans also include a plethora of advanced features like bot/proxy filters, SSL support, and conditional postbacks.


AdsBridge is a flexible and feature-packed affiliate tracking tool. With 7 data centers and global coverage including over 160 countries, you can be sure that all your traffic will be accurately measured and reported. And with the versatility of AdsBridge, optimization is just a step away.


One of the most important advantages that come with using AdsBridge to track your affiliate marketing efforts is that they don’t limit their tool’s functionality based on a pricing plan. Their tracker has all the functionality that you need to make the right decisions for your business.

AdsBridge’s features include:
  • Global coverage
  • Over 100 of affiliate network integrations
  • Split testing
  • Conversion tracking
  • PPC and Pixel tracking
  • Link and ad tracking
  • Landing page builder
  • URL rotator
  • Hide-Referrer and Hide Funnel
This tracking tool really is made for affiliates, and it offers everything you need to successfully monetize and optimize. Unlike other tools, which serve different types of customers, AdsBridge makes affiliate marketers its first priority.

AdsBridge Pricing

AdsBridge has a 14-day free trial, after which the least expensive plan is $89/month. The main difference between the 6 different plans is the number of visits and the price for going over the limit.

The pro plan for $89/month will get you 1,000,000 visits/month, while the overage is $0.04/1k visits.

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