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Follow Along Zeropark Pops + Zeydoo Surveys @Binom

Riddick's Call


Super Contributor
Jan 25, 2019
The affLIFT contests are awesome. You get to read, you get to learn. You get to play, you get to earn.

After earning a participation prize from last follow-along and seeing the beautiful below banners 😍 it's pretty hard to ignore this zeropark contest.

So I'M IN 💥



🎯 Traffic Source: Zeropark Pops
🔧 Tracking Tool:
✅ Affiliate Network:
👍 Type of Offer:
Low Payout Surveys
💰 Offer Payout:
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because:
I've some past experience with Zeropark and adding the experience (and help hopefully) of other affLIFTers we'll be sure to make this profitable
🔍 I am unsure about:
although I've played a bit with Zeropark it has been a couple of years ago. Not sure what changed, for the better or the worse. Guess we'll find out

Step 1: Deposit


Since I already have an account on Zeropark without any funds on it the first step was to deposit with promo code afflift_10 to get a 10% bonus.

Step 2: Traffic type

I know Zeropark has access to huge volumes of pop traffic so I decided to test this type first. I never tried domain redirects but


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