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Follow Along Zeropark + Monetizer



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Apr 17, 2018
On Friday, I started a Zeropark campaign to test out a script I am working on that automatically optimizes my Monetizer smartlink for me.

I wanted to collect a little data and make sure everything was working before I created my follow along and unfortunately I got busy and not everything was working perfectly.

But, I'm creating the follow along to document that, fix it, and share my results with you as I work to improve the process :D

To start, I am testing an AE (United Arab Emirates) smartlink using domain traffic from Zeropark. I decided on AE because it appeared to be doing well on Monetizer when analyzing their trends data.

I am using 3 links:
  • BL = Blacklist (automatically blacklisting offers with 100 clicks and no conversions).
  • WL = Whitelist (automatically whitelist any offer with a conversion)
  • PL = Pushlink (blacklisting any offer with 100 clicks and no converions and using the push optimized lander from Monetizer).
I just fixed the blacklisting and switched it to 100 clicks as well since I am using domain redirects.

Here are the overall stats since I started for each link (I am not allowing push sub collectiong on
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