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Follow Along Zeropark Contest FA - Domain Redirects with Mobile Content


Grand Guru
Nov 8, 2019
Here's goes my follow along for this month's Zeropark contest.

Campaign 1

🎯 Traffic Type: Domain Redirects (RON)

🛍️ Offer Type: Mobile Content
💰 Affiliate Network: Golden Goose
🌏 Geo: Tier 3

I have this campaign running on other sources with ROIs ranging from -40% to 10-20%. I'm testing 2 offers and I know for a fact that these offers definitely convert. I just need to find a way to optimize it as I haven't run many campaigns successfully on Zeropark before. Here are the initial results:


If we look at the sources:


The second source definitely looks promising. It has good ROI and right now I'm winning only 1% of the available traffic. Let's see if I can scale it on that source.

I'll be looking to launch a few more campaigns throughout the week and perhaps we can get a few
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