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What would your ideal tracker include?


CPV Lab Pro

Super Contributor
Nov 29, 2019
Hi friends,

If you could configure your ideal cloud-based tracker, what would it include? What features are a must for you when running your campaigns? And what would be a fair price per month for it?

As you know, CPV Lab is a self-hosted tracker... but let's think about the most useful features for a cloud-based tracker. 😃

Let's say that you have the power to configure your ideal tracker... what should it do?

Here are some features that you can choose from, but please add any other feature that you find useful:
  • how many events per month? 100K? 1 million? More? Unlimited?
  • support for complex funnels (multiple levels and paths)
  • redirect conditions (based on GEO data, device data, etc)
  • bot/fraud detection and filtering
  • multi-user access
  • custom tracking domains
  • direct API integrations with major networks like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads
  • mobile app to check your reports easily from any device
  • how about support and assistance? Tickets in a Help Desk or live chat?

Thank you for helping us put together the best plan for your needs!
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