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Tracker Domain Flagged



Super Contributor
Mar 29, 2019
Hey! I was switching my domain over from bemob to binom, and within a few hours, the domain got flagged by google.
No traffic was being sent at the time, the last time any traffic was sent to that domain was 3-4 days ago.

On Google Search Console, my tracker domain is flagged for "Deceptive Pages", with no sample URL's - and my landing page domain is not flagged & has no security issues.
On Virustotal, my tracker domain is flagged (4 detections), my /click path is flagged (5 detections), and my binom panel is flagged (4 detections). My landing page domain is flagged with 2 detections, though I'm not sure of what different paths are flagged as I changed them all recently (My landing pages are not from purelander btw)

Just looking for general advice as what to do, should I change out all my domains and server ip's then try to get the domains manually reviewed via GSC? What should I say if I do that (since they ask for what I did to fix the problem)? Should I just cut losses and buy more domains?

Also on a side note, how can I help
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