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May 2, 2018
PopAds stands out as one of the most popular traffic sources for mobile pop traffic. It's notably beginner-friendly, and the minimum deposit requirement is just $10, making it an excellent starting point.

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You can find more information about PopAds here:

Sign up for PopAds

➡️ Sign up for PopAds account here

(Select Advertiser under Account type. As a recommendation, the email and PayPal accounts should be the same to avoid issues. This is common on traffic sources AND sometimes with affiliate networks.)


Once your account is ready, you can now go ahead and make a $10 deposit. From the left menu, under Account Manager select Billing.


Click on the green DEPOSIT button. There are numerous deposit options, but I usually use PayPal.


Once $10 is deposited into your account, you are ready to launch your first campaign.

Problems with your PopAds account?

If you have a funding issue with PopAds that has not been resolved and you've submitted a ticket more than 3 business days ago, check out this thread.

  1. I can’t target Tier1 countries like the US, CA, AU, etc.?
    New accounts might have such limits in place. That’s fine - you’ll still have
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