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Follow Along Round 2. POPS + ???



Jan 15, 2022

So I'm back on the forum after shamefully quitting my previous journey :cautious:. I'm well and alive and since I recently got a job (y), I'll give media buying another chance. I decided to focus on onclick traffic and topped up Propeller again. I contacted Zeydoo support and was recommended a few utility offers. Here are the test results:


I tested Malaysia using the formula - (Average payout x number of offers x number of landing pages x 10) which came out to about $22 for tests.


I presume I was buying decent traffic at CPM $1.5 since optimal CPM according to Propeller is $1.2. Clickloss is pretty substantial as well - Bemob only reported ~11k visits. I got a few conversions on Jax vpn but it seems meh. Should I try and optimize it? The payout is pretty low.


I don't see much utilities being promoted on Propeller's traffic tbh. There is one ad and it's from May. It's mostly DCB or Gambling.

The question arises. Should I hop from geo to geo promoting one vertical or find the right offers for one geo?
I've never experienced more severe analysis
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