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Question for @sushiparlour


Active Member
I was having a read at @sushiparlour blog
https://sushiparlour.com/2020/08/04/simple-binom-tip-to-work-with-extremely-low-payout-offers/ what great read,BUT as always I have a noob question
How you get the, target cpa as ROI was 30%
target cpa = .0025/1.3 (From where does this 1.3 comes), I could not understand the denominator values as 1.3
@sushiparlour , @Nick ,@Luke , I know this sounds a newbie question but not sure how does the 1.3 value comes.
Also, as @sushiparlour mention's sending the percentage postback , can we do the same with Kintura with the revshare percentage ,looks to me the same
Thanks in


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