PropellerAds Evolution: New Website and Advertising Opportunities



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May 14, 2018

Hello everyone!

Maybe you have already noticed that PropellerAds has a new website? Well, there is something really ground-breaking behind this change!

PropellerAds is now a multisource ad platform. Aren’t you excited? Okay, let’s figure out what “multisource” is:

  • More exclusive and carefully-tested traffic sources in one platform
  • Wide scaling opportunities for your user acquisition campaigns
  • New super-relevant audiences, including those you have never tried before

So, now you must be excited! And that’s not all. As PropellerAds becomes multisource and adds exclusive traffic supply partners, you will also benefit from new traffic types and bidding models in the upcoming year.

As before, our rotation algorithms ensure that the most relevant audiences will see your ads, while anti-fraud software upholds traffic purity and exceptional quality.

Join PropellerAds and purchase tons of high-quality traffic - let the most engaged eyes
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