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Follow Along My first follow along Dating campaign PPV

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Jun 4, 2021
Hello everyone, how are you guys? :cool:
I hope everything is okay with you🙏

This is my first "Follow along", so don't judge strictly;)

Traffic source:
Offers: Dating adult
Payouts: 1 offer - 1.52 $
2 offer - 1,24$
3 offer - 1,18$
4 offer - 1,56$ for desktop and 0,47$ for mobile
Tracker: Bemob

First of all, I made three of my own pre-landing pages, I did not take them from the affiliate program, I hope they show a good result, but the split test will judge:rolleyes:

As for landing pages:
For the first offer, I took 3 landing pages
For the second, I took 1 landing page (all that was)
For the third offer, I took 1 landing page (all that was)
For the fourth offer, I took 3 landing pages
I took all three pre-landing pages and distributed them to all four offers.
I plan to spend 5 conversions for each combination.
I calculate the initial budget:
1) 1.52х3х3х5 = 68.4 $ For the first offer
2) 1.24х3х1х5 = 18.6 $ For the second offer
3) 1.18х3х1х5 = 17.7 $ For the third offer
4) For the fourth offer, I took the arithmetic average between payments for a computer and a phone
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