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Monetize ROM downloads (gaming) website



Oct 16, 2021
I own an automatic ROMs download website in the gaming niche which is starting to take off (2k organic clicks daily). I don't host the ROMs but I explain how to download them pointing to the sites that host them

I have Adsense in it but it pays nothing and I could lose the account because this type of site most likely is against their TOS. I don't want to risk the account and I'm searching for alternatives

Does anyone have experience monetizing this type of traffic?

I tried Bluestacks affiliate but didn't get conversions

I've been searching in CPA networks but I'm not able to find global offers and ideally desktop + mobile in a related niche

I was thinking about content locking but since I don't host the ROMs maybe does not make much sense.

Or maybe try the angle of optimizing PC speed with cleaners? Not sure what to do with mobile in this case though (traffic is 50/50)

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