Media buying stage 2

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Jan 30, 2019
I'm 52 yrs old. Cant do belly to belly sales anymore.

Luke got me approved on Peerfly, then I took it to Adcombo, made my first 100.00 and kinda broke even.

So 1 pay out on Peerfly then a payout on Adcombo. Total 100.00. Break even roi but felt good.

One of my brick&mortar customers asked me to join as a business partner so I dropped my success and focused on our store.
I usually write 1M per year in flooring.

Then covid came and screwed up our retail.

I built a website from scratch on Wordpress and it still makes him money and is the fuel of his store. All is well and we are still buds.

I left the small firm went back to flooring and construction and am doing well. Still There.

Media buying again..
Ive had confusion the entire time about what works with what and logistics. Cant use banners here, need a lander there, need a funnel. How does this get congruent? This offer is awesome but my source has no traffic for it. My networks didn't suit my traffic sources even if I could track like a pro. Now Kintura goes down.

I think
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