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Follow Along MaxBounty and PropellerAds Popunders



Jan 12, 2023
Hi everyone!

I am new here but I would like to share my journey to profits.

I will share everything: landers, offers, traffic stats etc.

This is my first try with CPA offers and popunders, so I hope I will also get some feedback from more experienced members.

Text marked with red color is where I need your help/opinion.

Here is my current setup:

🚦 Traffic Source: PropellerAds Popunders
🔧 Tracking: Voluum - but I think I will switch to Bemob since Voluum is expensive for us beginners. I would also like to invest more in traffic and less in tools.
🌐 Affiliate Network: Max Bounty - it's quite hard to get accepted for most of the offers, so I will be running the offers which can be used without approval process. Let me know if there is a better way and/or better network for beginners. Should I really start with Zeydoo?
👍 Type of Offer: Sweepstakes
💰 Payout: < $2
🌎 Geos: USA - I know the USA traffic is expensive, but I have to start somewhere. Let me know if you have better ideas.
🎯 Goal: Reach $10-20 per day in profit no matter how long it takes


  • 2023-01-DreamCar1.zip
    49.6 KB · Views: 45
  • 2023-01-DreamCar2.zip
    38.3 KB · Views: 26
  • 2023-01-DreamCar3.zip
    49.8 KB · Views: 22
  • 2023-01-DreamCar4.zip
    38.7 KB · Views: 23
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